Final Assault: Battle Game in VR for All Levels

Final Assault VR.SEX


Final Assault is a real time strategy game developed in a WWII environment. There are 14 maps to play and they are each different. They each allow even virtual reality beginners to access what fun it can be to play this type of game with a VR headset. Perhaps the most exciting feature is that the player-vs-player feature is not inhibited by which platform you have. An Oculus Go user can play against a HTC Vive or Playstation VR user. The controls you have don’t matter –  you can still play each other.

This is a game with a lot of firepower. The graphics aren’t designed to be super realistic looking, but it’s a little cartoonish, though certain aspects are more photorealistic. The controls are easy to use. Just drag a path for your vehicles and then press the trigger to make them go. It’s a simple RTS that doesn’t even have any resource gathering as a part of it, but for many, that makes it more manageable since there could be multiple battles going on at the same time in the game.

The battles themselves are a barrage of explosions as they involve ground and air fighting tactics, so it can be a little overwhelming, but for anyone who loves the genre it’s really fun. Where the game really thrives is in the performance. With so much going on you might expect some type of lag but even with many battles and moving pieces, the performance stays top notch across any device you’re playing on. If you’re looking for your next favorite RTS game and enjoy a WWII theme with plenty of firepower, this is a great game to try!

Of course it’s a great way to take a break from VR porn and it might just get your heart beating as fast as it did with an immersive porno.