SinVR – Virtual Sex Game Review

The inaugural review in our new Games section comes courtesy of the team over at SinVR.

They have created a VR world that allows your wildest dreams to come true.  Whether you want to fuck or be fucked this game has it all.  From deviant blondes to dragon slaying brunettes…  all using smooth CGI and 3D motion capture using real pornstars like Marley Brinx, who takes up a Wonder Woman character that’s definitely worth checking out if you have a Super Hero complex.

The other characters and environments available are also truly beautiful.  Think of Second Life but turned up to 11 with blondes spanking you (or you them!) at every opportunity.  You get the idea…. check out the trailer below:

Graphics (9/10)
The characters are beautifully crafted with amazing levels of detail and flesh like appearance. We love the titties on Wonder Woman!  See a selection of previews below:

SinVR - Virtual Sex Game ReviewSinVR - Virtual Sex Game ReviewSinVR - Virtual Sex Game ReviewSinVR - Virtual Sex Game Review

Gameplay (9/10)
SinVR supports the use of various tools such as rulers & paddles which you can use for whatever purpose, apart from the obvious (no, we haven’t tried to play ping pong with one of the girls yet…).  The sex positions can be changed easily by using the easy navigation options presented when you look to your left and using your controllers.  The audio is also great with plenty of acoustic feedback (or moans!) from the girls when you do something they like, which is pretty much most things!

Supported Hardware/Devices (6/10)
They currently support Oculus Rift & Android mobile devices with other platforms currently in development.

Price & Billing (9/10)
There are various subscription options as you’d expect ranging from US$19.99 for a month though to a current 50% saving on the annual plan priced at US$119.88.  Billing options include major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Overall (9/10)
We think you’ll love getting down and dirty with the girls in this sinful virtual world so we’re giving this a big thumbs up from the team here at VR.SEX.  So go get some paddle action of your own and live out your fantasies!  Just click below to experience it for yourself…