Are Virtual Girlfriends Creepy?

Virtual Mate VR.Sex Article

With the invention of new technologies, more and more people are turning to virtual companionship. One new product that is gaining popularity is the virtual girlfriend. This is an online companion who can be designed to look like a celebrity or pornstar that you enjoy.

The online companions can also be connected to a masturbation sleeve that feels warm to the touch and moves in conjunction with different things that happen in the game. Of course the people who make the game think it is absolutely amazing and will pave the way for future technologies, but other people are not so sure. Regardless of what others say, have you ever tried to imagine yourself in the same “room” with one of your favorite VR Pornstars, being able to act anyway you’d like with him or her?

Some critics wonder if this has gone too far. They also worry that guys will stop trying to seek out in-person pleasure, leading to lower cohabitation, copulation and ultimately lower rates of pregnancy. Of course the most doomsday among us worry that this will lead to the very end of the human race. However, most people think this will be just like porn. It can enhance people’s lives when they are not able to find someone to date (dating in virtual reality is already possible), and when they are ready they will go out there and get some real life action. There’s nothing wrong with trying some new forms of entertainment as technology develops.

This particular game is £190, but is currently on sale for £75. This game has two different modes currently. There is story mode, which is a bit more like a story line porn scene that allows you to enjoy a whole reality storyline. There’s also a mode where you can just enjoy yourself in a faster way. The maker of the game, Virtual Mate is a Chinese tech company who wants to revolutionize how people interact online and what they do when they are feeling lonely.