Have a Virtual Stripper in Your Room

Naughty America AR


Naughty America has consistently been at the forefront of the virtual reality trend. They were one of the first companies to show off virtual reality porn. Now they are onto another new trend – augmented reality. This exciting technology puts things in your normal view that are totally digital. Through this exciting technology they have brought sexy pornstar strippers right to your bedroom. Naughty America will be the only porn company in attendance at CES, with a private room instead of an open booth, for privacy.

The strippers are holograms using volumetric video and it works with your AR glasses device or smartphone. They first tried the idea using computer graphics but it just didn’t look realistic enough, so they switched to video and now it really looks amazing. For now, it’s only available for Android devices, but the company says it is working on an app for iOS too.

The idea behind the project is to bring the spirit of Las Vegas to wherever you are. You can see strippers in your own room using augmented reality or in the strip club where they were performing using virtual reality. Either one is a great experience that brings a strip club right to you instead of sending you out to one. The girls are cute and they are here to dance for you with the regular ass shakes, teasing smiles, sexy lingerie and hot high heels that you would find in the club, only it’s now in your living room. You might find yourself putting off your daily obligations to watch these beauties in your own home!

Naughty America consistently delivers on the tech side of the porn industry, proving that they are more than a company who makes hot girls look great on film. They are here to revolutionize the business and stay relevant in whatever way they can, and they’re doing a great job of it so far.