HP Announces 4K VR Headsets

HP Reverb Review

The HP Reverb is a great new headset that has recently become available this summer. It works with the Windows Mixed Reality platform. It is a tethered device that will need to connect to your PC. It has one of the best resolutions of any headset out there with 4K resolution. The tracking is mounted onto the device, eliminating the need for external tracking towers or cameras. It also comes with two controllers, removable headphones and a mic built in for easy gaming.

The HP Reverb weighs just over 1 pound, which isn’t that much if you think about it, though it is on your face so it may become tiresome after a while. However, HP is really thinking forward when it comes to this one. There will be two versions offered. One of them is a consumer option for $599. The other is an enterprise option for $649 that will also come with an extended warranty; leather face cushion and special cable for backpack PCs. With so many to choose from, it’s clear that this is definitely being marketed more towards the enterprise market, but that doesn’t mean gamers won’t get some enjoyment out of it too.

If you want a headset with superior resolution, this might be the one for you. It may not have as many features and options for comfort as other VR headsets, but if you get the enterprise version you do get a face cushion. This will be a great choice in headsets. There are quite a few that have recently come onto the market so it may be hard to choose. Keep checking back here for more information about the latest virtual reality headsets.