Interact Live with BaDoink VR Sex

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BaDoink is one of the top porn companies working with virtual reality. They seek to expand our minds and bring consumers the finest virtual reality sex experiences…sexperiences, perhaps? Now BaDoink VR porn is pairing up with, a video game developer, to develop a platform that will offer real time interaction through virtual reality.

Some imagine this as a cam performer platform, but it will not be like the ones you are used to. That’s because you can choose your own avatar, so the performers themselves don’t necessarily need to be a hot college cutie or MILF. The best part of the site is that it will interact with several toys that provide haptic feedback – AKA it makes you feel what the person is doing on the other side of the camera.

The ViRo technology has motion capture available straight down to the last detail so that you will really see what the person who is performing for you is doing. This service will be available for any virtual reality headset once it launches. Anyone can become a “host” which is what the cam performers will be called. Similar to the way camming works now, viewers will tip a host for doing sexy things online, even though you never know who is really on the end of it all.

The platform will launch sometime in 2019 and anyone can be a host. However, you have to have the appropriate motion capture devices and software in order to do so. So even if you’re a 40-year-old guy you could still become this year’s sexiest camming sensation!

This is one of the amazing ways that virtual reality is going to change the ways that we interact with the world. First cam shows will be a whole brand new experience and then who knows what might come next!