Minecraft: Now In the Real World

Minecraft AR app

Augmented reality is when we use technology to add virtual elements to your everyday world. One new game in the AR field is Minecraft. This treasured game, which allows users to build their dreamlands and characters, is now coming into the new sphere of “extended reality,” technology that allows us to expand our definition of the physical world.

Now you can create your dream house, tree house or castle in Minecraft and using AR technology, drop it right into the real world…in your phone’s camera only, of course. Even though it’s just a figment, it’s still a lot of fun and may change the way that people create things in the game.

This new AR game is part of the 10th anniversary of Minecraft, and it will be totally free to play. There will not be any loot boxes in this game. How it will work is that you will build something in miniature on your smartphone and then the game will allow you to use your phone’s camera to drop it right into your real world view. The game will also reportedly allow you to drop Minecraft characters into the real world and make it appear as if you are interacting with them!

Some speculate that it might become like Pokemon Go. They predict that users will be able to go around the world with the app and find things that other people have built and placed into the real world. These types of games are great because they actually use technology to help people get out and socialize, instead of keeping them at home and in front of a computer. Will this new AR game be the next big craze that keeps even the most Goth gamers walking around 10 miles per day to find the coolest Minecraft builds? Only time will tell!