MR – Naughty America Makes it More than Just a Man

Naughty America MR Feature Image


When you think of the term MR you undoubtedly let your mind drift to “Mister,” as it is the common abbreviation for a man’s title. However, Naughty America is changing that and making it a heck of a sexy and feminine thing. In fact, Naughty America MR has nothing to do with guys except for the fact that guys absolutely love it. MR stands for mixed reality and for Naughty America, that means virtual reality plus augmented reality. They put the two together to give you an incredible experience right in your living room. The technology was first displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show AKA CES, where users got to see how Naughty America plans to disrupt the porn industry – again! By the way, CES banned sex toys.

Naughty America MR

Naughty America MR brings a stripper right to your realm. Whether you are in your office or your living room, the technology lets you pick from a few different strippers and either view them at the club where they were originally dancing, or right where you are. The great thing is that some of the girls in the porn app are available in VR porn movies from Naughty America so you can watch them strip at the same time that you are watching their porn movie. Where will you want to look? It’s hard to say because they do such a great job of stripping and sucking cock.

When you turn on your Naughty America VR you will realize that you have been missing out and that this technology is definitely the future. What will they think of next? They were already one of the first companies to use virtual reality for their fuck films, and now they are innovating on top of that. This much is clear: They are a forward thinking company who will always spur more innovation. There’s a reason they’ve been the only porn company allowed at CES!