New Multiplayer Shooter Coming to Oculus Quest

Pavlov VR Game

Oculus Quest is an untethered (aka wireless) headset that has its own library of games and programs that you can use with it. That’s why it’s always so exciting when something new comes along, especially something as cool as a multiplayer shooter game. The game coming to the platform is called Pavlov. It promises to be a realistic multiplayer shooter game with multiple servers to pick from and all the features you would want to see in such a game.

There will be multiple game modes including a competitive “search and destroy” mode in addition to an offline practice mode so you can work on your skills. Of course there will be bots in the game to keep you on your toes and matchmaking to get you matched up with players who are compatible with your level. You will be able to use voice chat to connect with other users and make friends online.

The game also has a special feature for people who get motion sickness easily. It’s called Out of Body Tracking or OOB. This will be great because there are still some reports of people getting that car sick feeling while playing VR games and that just takes the fun right out of it. Be aware that this game does have a mature content warning simply due to the violence. What’s even cooler is that users themselves will be able to have some input into the game because it is available for alpha testing.

The game is currently available in the steam store and will soon be available for Oculus Quest. However, the two platforms will not have crossover as they will have different game maps. However, it promises to be an exciting new game for Quest users! Will you try it out?