Sony Drops Info About Next Generation for PSVR


PlayStation VR or PSVR as it is often shortened is one of the top gaming platforms for virtual reality. Their first generation PSVR has over 200 games available for the platform and has sold over 4 million units. Now they have dropped some new information about the 2nd generation of the product, which is set to hit the shelves sometime in the next few years.

First of all they are saying that they want to help the 96 million people who have a PS4 get into VR. Each PS4 unit is able to deliver an amazing virtual reality experience, so they want to get a higher percentage of those who are already using PlayStation to get into virtual reality since it is so easy.

There are a few things that the newest PSVR will contain. One of them is HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range. So far there is not one headset out there that uses this exciting new technology that has a greater range of luminosity for even better visual experiences with electronics. The general resolution and field of view will also be improved on the new headset. They hope to have 120 degrees of field of view on the new headset that is great compared to the current ones which only have 100 degrees. They also hope that the next headset will have double the resolution of the first one!

The next PSVR will probably still be tethered but the makers talk about wanting to move in a wireless connection direction as the options improve. They also mention that in the future of the PSVR, again, perhaps not in the next one but in future versions, eye tracking will be advanced. It will be used to not only guess where you are going to move your eyes next but also guess your intent and use other biometrics to improve the experience and make it more realistic.