Take a Vacation Every Day!

Job Simulator VR

The magical thing about virtual reality is that you can truly take a vacation any day that you want. You can just slip on your VR headset and the magic will take hold. Now there is a super popular game that is taking that definition to a new extreme.

The game is called Vacation Simulator and it was one of Steam’s most popular games in April of 2019. The game follows what a typical vacation might look like in the year 2060. That may sound very far in the future but it’s really only about 40 years from now! It is basically a sequel to the game Job Simulator, which was also made by the same company, Owlchemy Labs.

The premise is that the robots have taken over and they are just now starting to discover what humans did. The first game, Job Simulator, saw them trying to emulate what we did in jobs. It’s kind of a funny way to view things but it’s also really fun. This game allows you to experience a vacation without getting dirty at the beach or getting sand in your eyes. There are fun mini games within the game that take you on adventures. Go on a hike, make an ice sculpture or knit mittens in a winter getaway. If you need a vacation but can’t take one right now, this is a great way to escape for a few minutes or a few hours.

Just put on your VR headset choose between vacation beach, vacation forest and vacation mountains to pick the perfect vacation for you and you’ll be well on your way to relaxing. Of course nothing beats the real thing, so make sure that you are still getting a real life vacation here and there. However, this can fill in the gaps while you wait for that special date to come up.