The State of Virtual Reality at AEE

The State of Virtual Reality at AEE 02


The Adult Entertainment Expo is the adult industry conference for industry professionals. It features all sorts of things like wild new sex toys, porn companies & products, lubes, cam sites and more. However, the face of AEE is changing. Before, it used to be full of beauties signing DVDs and companies who made a killing on selling XXX movies via traditional formats. Now it is filled with cam companies, VR companies and anyone who is innovating in the porn industry as far as technology is concerned.

The companies that are doing well right now are the ones who are thinking of new ideas, like Wankz VR. They were present at the show and mentioned in an interview online that while they aren’t making their own VR technology at the moment they have several patents for innovative VR ideas. They focus on the virtual reality 3D aspect because they believe that what people want in porn movies is the immersive experience versus a full 360 degree view. They also report that the virtual reality porn crowd is younger and more interested in gaming as a whole.

Other companies are bringing the field of teledildonics to virtual reality. One called the Sense Max hopes to make your virtual reality experience even more realistic. It’s a band you wear around the arm to let the video know how fast you are pumping. When you slow down, the video slows down the thrusts. It makes it seem like you are really feeling the sensations in the video. They also have a masturbation sleeve that can also interact with the videos.

These aren’t the only types of companies innovating for porn. Keep reading here to find out about new and exciting trends in VR and sex.