VR Could Change Everything – Smartphones Included

VR Could Change Everything Feat image


Everyone uses their smartphones pretty much every day. It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t feel naked without their trusty smartphone by their side. However, some futurists and tech experts predict that virtual reality could revolutionize our relationship with our smartphones. These experts believe that we are limited by what we can experience with our smartphones. Screens can only get so big before they won’t fit in our pockets any longer and they are already at the top quality of high definition (4K ultra HD) that we will be able to see with our naked eye. Anything higher simply wouldn’t make a difference to our eyes.

However, these aforementioned experts envision a world where our screens will be worn around our eyes in the form of glasses or VR goggles. This will make our screen infinitely as large as we can see, a full 360 degrees all around you. Turn your head and you can see different programs or VR sex apps and games that you have opened. Use them with gestures and other VR tactics. These new “screens” will basically be the equivalent of 16 4K ultra HD monitors. Since we can’t get any more HD, or at least it doesn’t make any sense at all for us to try, this seems like the next innovation for improving our entertainment and infotainment processes.

All the major computing companies – Apple, Microsoft, HTC and Google – are working on cooking up this amazing new “screen” that you can use to watch VR porn videos or play your favorite games just like a traditional computer with your same keyboard and mouse, just toss your screen in the trash.

Even though they will probably be more expensive at first, after a while, experts predict these devices, which may encompass the same storage and connection features as a smartphone, will quickly become more affordable than computers due to less computing power needed and smaller size. This can make computer functions more accessible to people with lesser means all over the world. Just make sure you read our virtual sex news blog once in a while, we’ll surely let you know once this is going to be available so you could enjoy it for your porn viewing activities.