Zuzu Sweet

Zuzu Sweet VR Pornstar
Alias: Sofia De Bum Age: 24 Country: Czech Republic Measurements: 31A-32-35 Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5'4" Birthday: 8th June Weight: 113 lbs Social Media: Biography:

Zuzu Sweet is a European pornstar, born on June 8, 1996. This sexy babe is from Checz Republik, and she loves sex in all its forms. For Zuzu, sex is her favorite language, and oh god, she talks so many tongues. From blow job to deepthroating, Zuzu is in constant heat. And the more cocks she can get, the better. The double penetration is by far her favorite. She’s very, very proud of her massive ass. It’s the kind of ass that brings all the boys to the yard. And damn right, Zuzu Sweet knows it. She spends so much time at the gym doing those glute exercises, but it sure pays off. Want to see her in Virtual action? Grab your VR headset and hire that new type of personal trainer that will focus on your penile muscles.


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