– Site Review

I’ve had the HTC VIVE sat on my desk all week and I’ve been checking out more great VR porn websites and thinking about how now I don’t watch any non-VR porn anymore; once you go VR you never go back and it’s really crazy how much content is now out there.  We are used to porn sites with lots of normal ‘flat’ content but over at it looks like a traditional porn tube site (i.e. PornHub) but its all VR.  They have over 20 VR studios on their site including well knowns such as Naughty America & BaDoink.  The quality is really high and this site literally has everything that could turn you on including Gay and Transexual content which is a first for us in these site reviews so its getting two thumbs up from us.  And there’s only one place they can go with that kind of viewing 😉

Content (9/10)
The content is high quality and they have this great “being watched now” section which is a unique content feature that means that every time you go on the homepage you’re likely to see all sorts of random videos that are being watch as your looking at the site.  We think that’s a pretty cool feature.  They also have over 30 pages of content ranging from 3min videos to over an hour long.  Now when your watching in the headset the full-length gets fully immersive and you really forget where you are and what you were doing before you started watching. The 360 section is awesome as it really changes the experience not having to worry about going into that black zone on either side which can bring reality back into the frame at the most unwelcome times.  When watching in 360 you better have a swivel chair handy and try not to get too dizzy!!  Don’t want you falling over with your pants down!

Performance & Downloads (10/10)
All the content is free, even the full length ones which are available to download without registering which is now usually required from the other ‘tube’ type sites.  Now when you choose your video (I usually go for the recommended videos on the home page to see what the site is about), you immediately go to a page with the video and it’s ready to go and starts  streaming which is quick and easy.  On the phone you will want to use WiFi so you don’t use up all that data and get a shocking phone bill for free porn… now that would be ironic.  The links to the studio sites are all there as you’d expect and if it’s a clip from a video it’s literally one click to get to the site.  For example while watching “banging out the dents” after the clip I just clicked on the “watch full 51:00 min” and there I am on and I can decide what I want to do from there.

Navigation (10/10)
The layout is clear and easy to use like most of these sites but the thing about is the tags.  Now I have never seen tags as detailed and particular as here.  We have the obvious ones like the name of the star, so if your into keeping up to date with your favorite male or female star then you can very easily.   We also have the studio so you know who’s made it but then you have a very concise list of pretty much every element of the video.  The tags on the video “Seeking Approval”, again by WankzVR ,you have the two stars ’Sierra Nicole’ and ‘Jessica Jones’ but then it has 15 other tags like ‘kissing’, ‘threesome’ and ‘reverse cowgirl’ so you literally know exactly what your getting into clearly before you watch the video.  We admire people who put that effort in just for your viewing pleasure.

Overall Score (10/10)
This site gets a good score from us because it looks like the old tube sites that we know and love, but its all VR.  The amount of free content is amazing and the video quality from the phone, desktop and my test headset was perfect.  But what puts it a cut above the rest is the 360 videos that I just love.  I mean that’s why we got headsets right? It actually feels like it’s real and your in it !!  So keep it up SEXVR.COM, we salute you!

It’s getting a 10/10 from the team here at VR.SEX