VRSumo.com – Site Review

So here at VR.SEX we have been surfing the web trying to find like minded pages who offer adult VR content and there are a lot of them out there se we tried narrowing them down for you in our handy new review section.

Content (9/10)
Our friends over at VRSumo.com have created a one-stop shop for all things VR porn.  They have a great selection from each of the higher-quality VR porn studios and include links to their video sites.  Tags and ratings on each video allow you to see all the most important information very easily and with just a hover over with the mouse you can get the thumbnail preview before even clicking on the video.

They release a new full length clip every week which basically means you can watch one full video a week every week on your headset and these videos are approx. 40mins long so your getting something for nothing and that doesn’t happen very often!

Performance & Downloads (8/10)
All the pages load fast and the video streaming is very smooth.  Fast downloads mean you can easily download content for offline viewing and all of the major headset manufacturers are covered including Playstation VR, Oculus, Hive & Cardboard.  Support for Oculus Go isn’t mentioned and we haven’t had a chance to check it yet hence the slight downgrade on the score here.

Navigation (10/10)
The layout is clear and concise and allows for easy navigation.  The “VR Mode” means you can turn the browser into a 3D page that you can actually look at while wearing your headset this makes VRSumo way ahead of other similar sites.  Now this mode is super cool as it means you can seamlessly go from video to video without having to take off your headset.

Overall Score (10/10)
Just like us Vrsumo puts you first and the high quality fast video service is awesome. They even have a production team and make in house videos which are usually the full-length ones they release weekly.  Now I would love to see that office!!

The ease of use of the VR mode is why we love this site and the fact that its completely free with no premium service means that your getting the best all for free.  They also provide links to other premium services that range from $1 a day to yearly subscriptions to suit everyones pockets.  There are lots of sites out there and this site having over 4000 clips means you’re not gonna get bored any time soon.

If you want to be able to preview all the top VRPorn sites and get free full-length videos each week then hit up VRSumo and tell them we sent you!

It’s getting a 10/10 from the team here at VR.SEX