Google’s New Phones Don’t Support VR

Google VR

Google has been kind of slow in the VR game. They do have Google cardboard, which is the most affordable headset out there. It makes VR accessible to many, including schools and people who already have smartphones who don’t want to invest hundreds in a VR headset but who still want to experience the magic of VR. Then Google announced the Daydream. This is a headset that is aesthetically appealing, affordable yet slightly more costly than the cardboard, and comes in a variety of fun colors.

However, it’s a puzzling thing. They say they want to build the Daydream platform with platform-ready devices to help spread the use of VR. However, the latest line of Google Pixel phones will not support the Daydream platform. Strangely, the platform works with the older Pixel phones and some of the other Android devices. Some tech experts think that Google could be doing a better job of propagating their virtual reality technology. However, others believe that they are not pushing it because they are working on something even bigger for later down the line that we have no clue about yet.

Part of the popularity of Google Cardboard is that it is so cheap and in some cases it was even free. It could work with Android devices and iPhones. However, Daydream is only for the few compatible Android phones. Perhaps the reason for the decline in interest in Daydream both by consumers and Google itself is that with each new release standalone VR headsets are getting better and better. People don’t want to rely on the limitations of their smartphones to get a VR experience any longer. However, if you already have one of the Google smartphones that will work with the daydream, it could be worth it to check it out. It’s only about $100!