Which Oculus Is Right For You?

  Oculus is one of the top virtual reality companies at the moment. They are owned by Facebook and were one of the first to come out with a functioning consumer headset for VR. Now they have three headsets available for consumers and each one has a different benefit or reason that you might want…

PlaystationVR – Headset Review

  The Playstation VR was launched over 2 years ago, and according to a recent news release from Sony has shipped over 3m units to date.  And coupled with that over 21.9m apps and games have been sold to those users. This by far makes it one of the most popular VR platforms around today…

Oculus Go – Headset Review

  Launched at the end of May 2018 the Oculus Go is Facebook’s first foray into the ‘standalone’ VR headset market.  The launch was surrounded by much hype within the tech industry and the hope is that this will now transfer to mainstream media and kickstart the mass-adoption of virtual reality technology. At the recent… – Site Review

  If there is one website out there that is fully embracing the innovations in VR then it is VRSmash.   This week I’ve been using the Oculus Go to test out their site (tough job I know..!) and ensure you know what to expect should you venture over there too. Content (9/10) The site…

VR Porn Site Reviews & Offers – The Best & The Rest!

  So VR Porn is finally here and judging by the amount of available content already on the market, it looks like it’s here to stay! Here at VR.SEX we work tirelessly to bring you the newest videos from all of the leading providers. We’ve composed a top ten list of our favourites in order… – Site Review

I’ve had the HTC VIVE sat on my desk all week and I’ve been checking out more great VR porn websites and thinking about how now I don’t watch any non-VR porn anymore; once you go VR you never go back and it’s really crazy how much content is now out there.  We are used…

HTC Vive – Headset Review

  The whole point of virtual reality is to untether you from the now, but while the HTC Vive gives great VR, reality keeps rearing its ugly head. It’s like taking a boat ride down a river with the most beautiful scenery you’ve ever seen, but occasionally being whacked in the face by a flying…

Google Cardboard – Headset Review

If you’ve ever wanted a VR experience that was part tech and part middle school art project, then you’ll love Google Cardboard. It’s the least expensive VR system on the market, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Google Cardboard is less like a poor man’s Oculus Rift and more like… – Site Review

In our continued efforts to find great adult VR content we came across who provide high quality virtual reality porn with various pricing options, including most peoples’ favourite, FREE!.   You can actually get over 340 HD VR videos for less than US$25 and thats just one of their great offers!  As with all… – Site Review

So here at VR.SEX we have been surfing the web trying to find like minded pages who offer adult VR content and there are a lot of them out there se we tried narrowing them down for you in our handy new review section.