Oculus Quest is Great

Oculus Quest VR

Oculus Quest is the latest VR headset to hit the scene with a wide appeal. Made by the well-known company, Oculus, who was one of the first to put out any consumer headset in the first place, this is a standalone option that doesn’t need to connect to any other device. It doesn’t use any external sensors to give you a great virtual reality experience. Perhaps the best part is that there are already a large library of programs that you can use with it including fun games and useful apps. Some industry experts believe that this is one of the headsets that will allow the masses to start using virtual reality.

The headset is $399 with 64GB storage and $499 with 128GB storage. It is small but not super light. It weighs just over 1 pound, which doesn’t sound like much, but have you ever worn 1 pound on your face? However, it’s totally doable and by some measures, you will be able to use it for at least an hour or two before you start to feel the squeeze. This is one of the ones with the great feature of being able to adjust the distance between the pupils to give you an excellent viewing experience. It also has a special option for glasses wearers to make things more comfortable.

Oculus Quest Review

The Oculus Touch controllers that come with the headset are great and intuitive. They make for easy and comfortable gaming with buttons that rest close to your fingers. The battery life of the device is around 3 hours, but of course it may be more or less. The speakers in the device are OK but since they are speakers and not headphones it isn’t fully immersive. However, you can connect your own headphones if you really want to.

The obvious appeal of this product is that you can basically use it right out of the box. Open it, charge it up, turn it on and go! With high resolution that surpasses the original Oculus Rift, things generally look great. Ready to start your journey with standalone gaming? Try Oculus Quest!