Smell: The 5th Dimension

5d Porn Amsetrdam

Amsterdam is a city that is well known for its love of the sex industry. Locals and tourists alike frequent their red light district, looking to get a taste of the legal sex trade. They also have a huge porn industry including theaters where porn movies are screened. We all know that when we have sex, smells are a big part of the appeal. However, if you watch a porn movie, there aren’t really any smells at all! So one porn theater in Amsterdam is taking the idea of 3D porn and adding a few more dimensions.

The 4th dimension includes seats that interact with the viewer. This enhances the sensual experience, though, Nathalie, a representative for the theater, says that people aren’t supposed to openly masturbate, but to feel titillated by the whole experience. The 5th dimension is smell! The movie that the experience is showing stars famous Dutch pornstar Kim Holland and several of her sexy friends in a movie that encompasses hot action and humor that keeps fans and newbies interested. Nathalie mentions that this VR porn experience isn’t necessarily supposed to be for the English-speaking tourists who frequent the area. It is really supposed to be for the people who live in the area who want to experience the benefits of watching 3D porn in a theater, though it is certain that some tourists will also slip in there. However, the movie is in Dutch, not English.

According to Nathalie, the city wasn’t too happy about the porn theater opening, but since it was in the Red Light District it is only zoned for businesses related to sex so they couldn’t do much about it. Now the locals and tourists alike will get to experience this unique and immersive near virtual reality experience. Perhaps in the future we will get similar porn theaters with fully immersive VR headsets too!