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How to watch VR Porn Videos

What’s the Deal with VR Porn Videos? So, you’ve heard about VR porn videos, huh? Buckle up, ’cause we’re diving into the world of virtual reality where you can peek around corners and feel like you’re actually there, all without leaving the comfort of your own bed. How Do I Dive into VR Porn Videos?…

Wanna Get Punched By a Robot?

The future is here! Now you can get punched by a robot in a game that combines virtual reality with a real life robot who can punch you in the face pretty hard. The game was developed at Portsmouth University in the UK. The game puts you right in the center of a gladiator arena….

HP Announces 4K VR Headsets

The HP Reverb is a great new headset that has recently become available this summer. It works with the Windows Mixed Reality platform. It is a tethered device that will need to connect to your PC. It has one of the best resolutions of any headset out there with 4K resolution. The tracking is mounted…

“Extended Reality” Is Vital to the Future Workforce

The term extended reality refers to anything that enhances reality like virtual reality or augmented reality. Technologists believe that this new world is going to be essential in the modern workplace in a very short amount of time. Some futurists believe that before long, this technology will be just as popular as the ubiquitous smartphone….