Nintendo Classics: Now Available on VR

3DSen VR

Remember playing Mario, NBA Jam and other classics on the Nintendo 64 game system? The low bit rate music and graphics are something we consider retro and nostalgic today. Unless you have the old gaming system, these games are not really accessible. However, one game company, 3DSenVR is creating these games for use in virtual reality, giving them a whole new life! They are creating an emulator tool that will let you run the NES game system, just in virtual reality.

There is currently a free (yes free!) demo out that gives you access to 10 of the most classic games. Unfortunately there is not much information available about which games are included but if you watch the cool trailer you will get an idea of what the product is going to be like. This is really cool because there are a lot of opportunities for old technologies and media to be brought back to life through virtual reality. This is great for millennials and even Gen Xers who miss the games they loved to play early on in life.

When this product was originally released a while ago, there was Super Mario Bros, Metroid and Ninja Gaiden among others. However, it’s not clear which ones are available now. The truth is that fans of the classic Nintendo will probably be happy with just about anything. It’s amazing how much those games can bring back happy memories and now that you can be fully immersed, you may notice things about them that you haven’t noticed before.

Virtual reality is really breathing new life into a lot of different areas and this is one of them and particularly VR games seem to be an important component of that. Will you try the next classic NES game that comes out in virtual reality?