Naughty America Does it Again

Naughty America VR.SEX News


Naughty America is one of the more forward thinking porn companies at least when it comes to technology. They are the only porn company that has been allowed to have a display at CES the Consumer Electronics Show. Each year, they continuously make a good showing of some tech innovation year after year. They were one of the first porn companies to offer virtual reality about 3 years ago, and this year they made a good showing with a new app that makes your reality a bit sexier.

The app is now available for Android and you can use it to put a sexy stripper right in your room using augmented reality. The app has loops of porn models doing sexy stuff on screen. You can change the size of the girl on your screen in order to make it look more or less realistic. The girls mostly wear sexy lingerie and dance on poles like strippers. This app is definitely the talk of the town even though augmented reality technology is nothing new. However, making it so sexy is a bit new.

The other innovation they have been working on this year is offering their members and fans custom “deepfake” videos. These are videos that use modern technology to make realistic videos with your favorite celebrities using the face of the celeb and the body of a pornstar. This technology is controversial, but as long as everyone knows it is totally fake, it’s just a whole lot of fun! They will customize their own videos for you to make it your ultimate fantasy, even putting your own face in the movie to make yourself feel like a pornstar. They aim to please which is why they are still so popular after all these years. Technological innovation has kept them at the front and turned Naughty America MR into a favorite app for those looking for top notch virtual reality sex experiences.